Remodeling a small space such as a bathroom should be relatively easy and inexpensive, but according to, the average national cost for a bathroom renovation costs from $4,500 to $9,000.

Small changes to what is probably the smallest room in your home could yield in big impacts, though.  Since this is the room in which you spend most of your personal care time, these changes could be well worth the effort.

The quickest and easiest change you can make is to hang a decorative, cloth shower curtain.  A well-chosen design can make a big difference.  Just remember to also hang a vinyl liner to catch the water drips.

If your grout looks dingy and tired no matter how much you’ve cleaned it, it’s time to replace it.  Arm yourself with a grout removal tool to gently scrape the old grout away.  Be sure to wear a mask.  Wipe the area clean before mixing and applying the new grout. Changing the color could also change the look of the room.

Painting the walls a nice, crisp white not only makes the room feel fresh and clean, it can make a small space seem larger.  Make sure you choose a mildew-resistant paint to help prevent mold.

Although replacing a sink or tub/shower dramatically increases the cost of remodeling, replacing fixtures will make a dramatic change without a major impact to your wallet.  You may need to hire a plumber, though.  

Replacing drawer pulls, on the other hand, will only require talent with a screwdriver.  There is an array of finishes to choose from to complement the look you are trying to achieve.

Finally, the right lighting can pull the whole look together.  If possible, focus brighter lighting near the mirror(s) and a warmer, more skin-tone flattering light elsewhere.

Any of these small and relatively inexpensive changes could give a much needed improvement to what probably is the most-used room in your home.