Considering there are thousands of paint color options, deciding on a fresh coat of paint for your interior walls with an eye toward selling can be overwhelming.  Gone are the days of simply choosing bright white. There are many neutral and not so neutral colors that will attract the right kind of attention to your rooms.

If you’re one to shy away from color, warm neutral colors rather than stark whites will provide a backdrop for homebuyers to easily envision their own look for the space. A neutral color will provide a foundation that can be layered with furniture and other decor and changed seasonally or easily updated periodically.  Neutral colors also are easy to change.  Trending neutrals include Natural Linen by Sherwin-Williams and Rustic Greige by Dutch Boy.

Hues with slightly more intensity add color to a room without overpowering them.  Wild Wonder by Delux is a neutral yellow and the paint company’s 2023 color of the year.

Soft reds are making a comeback in 2023 with Boston Brick by Benjamin Moore.  The hue gives a splash of color by lending the neutral look of exposed brick.

Warm greens are welcoming and vibrant. Evergreens by Sherwin-Williams will give a cozy appearance that can easily be enhanced with lighting.

One of the boldest hues increasing in popularity is navy blue.  This statement color doesn’t veer too far outside the box, but adds depth and mystery.  Used as an accent wall or paired with lighter shades of blue will give a more subtle effect.

Whether you want to stick with the safety of neutrals or add some interest through the use of color to your interior walls, there are plenty of popular options.